Friday, October 23, 2009

Rainy Days

I'm making applesauce today. It's a good day for it, rainy and chilly outside, warm and busy inside. Mom and Dad left super early this morning to drive to Burns, OR to take care of some family business. They're going to make the roundtrip in one day, yikes....that about 12hrs of driving. George left at 8am for school/work, so Norah and I are home alone today. Which is fine, and fun, but she didn't nap very long this morning, so now she's been out for about an hour and I'm hoping for a little longer so I can get a few more things done :)
As for the applesauce, this is the first year I've made it. All the apples are from our trees and it's really not difficult, just time consuming. Oh and it's yummy! No sugar added so Norah will be able to eat it in a few months.


Olivia said...

How super fun and yummy!

Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

I loved the rainy day today. Took the boys grocery shopping & they cracked up as I ran (grocery cart & baby on my back) through the parking lot in a downpour!
Then this afternoon we went swimming. Too much fun!
Oh, and I am SORRY about Norah pooping in the tub... our boys never did that. Doesn't sound fun. Good thing she's cute, right?

Emily Marie said...

Hope it went well! You are such a great mommy!

nAnnie-Laurie :-) said...

YUM YUM applesauce -- soooo healthy

logan&jack's mom said something about pooping in the bathtub?? HAHAHA!!!! wait 'til they can float haha