Thursday, October 1, 2009

Six weeks

Norah is six weeks old! I got a playmat/activity thing for her at the cosignment sale last weekend. She really seems to like it, wiggles and 'talks' and stares at the different animals
We also do tummy time several times a day now. She doesn't seem to mind doing it, but when she gets tired of it she will roll over, or fall asleep :)
Tiny feet! It's been getting a little cool here so she's been wearing socks and warm outfits,
super cute!

Norah is still in most of her newborn size clothes, although we have been able to use a few of the smaller 0-3 month things now. We weighted her yesterday and she's just at 10lbs now! Wow grow baby grow! A lot of her baby acne has cleared up already too. Nursing is getting easier, I'm still having to pump sometimes, mostly because of too much supply :) As for sleep, well, I don't want to jinx I'll just say, for now it's going well. We haven't noticed any extreme hair loss yet and it's fun to give her a bath and wash all that hair! Oh and so far her eyes are still blue with a little lighter gold color around the pupil, like mommy!


Emily Marie said...

Yeah for baby! Glad nursing is going better.

nAnnie-Laurie :-) said...

Oh that play thingy was Evoly's favorite thing for a long time :-) yeah!

Olivia said...

Oh beautiful!