Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Cannon Beach 8/7/10 Nana's Birthday

Kaylee and Norah on the beach! This was Kaylee's first beach trip and Norah's second.

It was a little cool and we had a few sprinkles, so basically your typical OR coast weather.
It was Nana's birthday! She was trying her hand at flying George's trick kite, and she did pretty well!
Norah had a lot of fun climbing on Nana's chair.
Kaylee enjoyed carrying handfuls of sand to different people.

It was a really fun trip! We left around 9:30am on Saturday after some issues with our car. (Both brake lights were burnt out!) Norah stayed awake all but the last 15mins of the drive, then stayed up the whole day! That made for one tired baby, considering she woke up at 6:30am. We spend a few hours at the beach, had lunch and played in the sand. Nana and the guys flew kites, Jamie and I played with the girls and tried to prevent them from eating all the sand on the beach. We also walked around town and window shopped for a while. We ended our day with dinner at Mo's!

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