Monday, November 29, 2010

Norah update, 15months (and a few days...)

Norah is a walking, running, climbing, talking little kid! She LOVES our cat and tries to snuggle her at every chance. She knows where her hands, feet, hair, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and bellybutton are and will poke you in the eye too if you're not careful!

She can climb on our kitchen chairs, the coffee table, and couches, and she loves getting in the rocking chair in her room.

In the last few weeks she has decided she likes babydolls. She will bring them to me wanting them to be wrapped in blankets so she can hold them.

She still loves stroller rides so we try and go for walks everyday. This is getting a little more difficult with the cold/snow/ice here.

The talking. She started with Up. Then Uh Oh and Duck. She is now up to the following:












all done

no no


thank you

This past weekend she started to combine Hi with other words. Hi Daddy. Hi Kitty. And while we were visiting over Thanksgiving, Hi Kaylee (her cousin). It's been pretty exciting!
I forgot to add, she's still tiny! She still fits in all of her 12 month clothing, and she can wear a few of the 18mth things. She's been at 21lbs since we moved here. Oh and she loves to use her spoon and fork, I'll have to do another post on that.