Monday, November 8, 2010

Updates updates updates....

So we've only had one weekend home since we moved. It's been a little crazy here. George has had lots of Army stuff. We had family visiting. We moved our horse. More Army stuff. Busy busy busy...we are ready for some downtime. The house is mostly unpacked and in order. We still need to hang pictures, but we needed a tape measure, which I bought while we were in Vanc this last weekend. It's been a slow process of finding out what we are missing and shopping over the weekends while we are in Vancouver since there aren't a lot of places out here. There are still a few boxes of random stuff and lots of empty boxes that need to be taken to the recycling center.

Otherwise we are all doing great! George likes his job, I like being here with Norah. Norah is crazy smart, oh and she's cutting her fourth molar. I need to start working on her 15mth old post....she has several words now! Okay, time for random pictures:

Her eyes are turning brown!

I made pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting....yum.

Livvy and the boys came to visit for a few days!

He Cooks!

She sat on the box and fell in, so she just relaxed there for awhile
Looks comfy right? I'd probably lay there too if I could fit!

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Olivia Heilmann said...

I had way too much fun visiting you. Between you and was the highlight of the whole trip. I can't wait to come again!