Wednesday, September 21, 2011

26 weeks

One of these days I'll have George take a belly picture with the actual camera!

I think baby has really started poking out in the last two weeks.

I've started getting some ligament pain and a few leg cramps but overall things are good.

Tomorrow is my OB appointment for a routine check, and I think I have to do the glucose test soon too.

Last Friday my mom, sister and I went the the Just Between Friends cosignment sale at the expo center. It was awesome! This is the fourth time we've gone and I always find great stuff. Now we have lots of warm little jammies for this little boy, and jeans and long sleeve shirts for Norah. And a great winter coat for her also! I sold some stuff at this sale for the first time and made about $60! Sweet!


Olivia Heilmann said...

That is awesome and you look amazing!

Emily Marie said...

love the blog layout! Also, it is cool that you found and sold things at this consignment. I am not good at finding things! You look great as well!!