Friday, September 2, 2011

Canning, feeding the need to nest...

Canning this time of year is just normal to me! My mom has always canned over the summer. I remember being kindergarden age and seeing peaches/pears layed out on every counter and table just waiting to be perfectly ripe.

I skipped a few years when I first moved out on my own. It's so much work! But then I started missing the jars. What!? No peaches in December?? And seriously, buying canned peaches from the store, nasty! They just don't taste right when you've grown up on home canned fruit.

I picked up some peaches yesterday from a local orchard in Hood River.

These are HUGE!

I'm trying a new variety called Glowing Star, they're supposed to be great for canning.

I cut up one, okay two, this morning to share with Norah. Wow, yum. I totally understand why they are marketing these for canning too. Super easy to pit and peal! I'll probably have to go back for another box.

Since my Mom started her CSA (aka massive garden) we've been canning tomatoes too. I took a box of peaches down to her yesterday and she sent me home with a bin of tomatoes, good trade!

It's so nice to have canned tomatoes for cooking in the winter. They don't have the tin/metal taste of the store bought. It's so easy to make soup/chili etc, just grab a jar and get cooking!

And you gotta love that these are organic, go Mom!

Ahhhh beautiful peppers.....for freezing not to can!

Purple bell peppers, Jalapeno Peppers, and my favorite, Jimmy Nardellos (not hot). Rinse, stem, seed, and freeze!

This is just a tiny amount of the peppers Mom has growing, the rest are headed for market! Okay, and her freezer too.

Being pregnant during canning/harvesting seasons really makes me want to preserve everything! I love stocking my pantry and freezer.

Although, it's a little hard with our tiny freezer, so we're looking into getting a small chest freezer.

Pears are coming soon. It's a really late season for them, but at least I'll be done with peaches by then.

I know this winter when I'm super pregnant, and after the baby is here, I'm going to be so happy to have all these goodies stored away!


PapaOgden said...

Loved the pictures of fruit and vegetables. No peaches or tomatos that nice in Singapore. I am so impressed with your ambition and industry. I hope to taste the results.

Olivia Heilmann said...

I think you are amazing!