Monday, March 12, 2012

3 months

My handsome little guy.

Time to wake up and stretch!

I love his baby stretches in the morning.

We're still swaddling him so once those arms get free watch out, they go up and up over his head!

Then it's time to get Norah.

Thankfully she's always happy to see Owen.

After breakfast it's time to hang out in the jungle!

I can't believe how big my baby is! Not just that he isn't a newborn anymore, but that he's so much bigger than Norah was at this age. He fits in all his 6mth sleepers already. George weighed him on our bathroom scale and he's just over 15lbs!

Our nights are getting better. We get him to bed not long after Norah, usually around 9pm. Lately he's been sleeping 4-5 hours before waking up to eat. Thankfully he's a quick nurser and I usually have him back in bed in 15-20mins. Then he sleeps another 3 hours, eats, sleeps more....and is up for the morning around 7-7:30. It's pretty manageable for 3 months old!

He smiles a lot, giggles and laughs a bunch (especially at Daddy), and has tons of baby babble which is adorable to listen too.

I love my squishy baby!

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nAnnie Laurie said...

... and I love BOTH your squishy babies <3 <3 and their mommy and daddy, too <3 <3