Wednesday, March 21, 2012

In his bed!

Yesterday I was cleaning up Owen's room. He's still sleeping in the packnplay by our bed right now, but I felt the need to start getting his room ready. I got the crib all set up first and laid him in it while I worked on sorting clothes. He was pretty happy babbling away while Norah played in the room and I sat on the floor. Then it got quiet. I peeked at him and his eyes were drooping so I gave him a binkie. Not long after that he was out. Eventually I covered him with a little blanket and he napped for almost two hours!

He must like it! I'm not sure when we'll actually move him in there at night. Probably not for another month at least since he's still up several times at night to eat.

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Olivia Heilmann said...

Hey, that's how I sleep...for real. Some things never change. ;)