Saturday, September 29, 2007

Happy Birthday and other ramblings

Happy Birthday Dad/Bryan!!! (Sept30th)

Today we stayed in bed until 8:30, it was nice. Then George made a yummy egg scramble with sausages, tomatoes, and lots of cheese. It was really good! Then we didn't do anything for a few hours, then we went to the farmers market in vancouver. We got some fruit, goat cheese, and lunch. Again, very yummy. Then we came home and I read for a while (aka fell asleep for three hours) and George played his computer game. Now he's talking to his dad!

It's cold here...cold. The trees are turning colors, it's raining, and cold....burr. But now I'm more ready then before, I reorganized my closed for winter clothes. I'm still not excited about long sleeves for the next lets see.....eight months? Ugh.

George had his first week of school. He likes it but doesn't know anybody in his classes, so he'll be making some new friends this year! He's getting smarter every year, which means I have to pretend to understand him even more than normal, but that's okay, I have a degree in pretending to understand people! hehehe

Okay, if you read this UPDATE YOUR BLOG TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGGGHHH!

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