Saturday, September 22, 2007

Please don't leave!!!

Summer that is.....being the last day of summer, it was nice and sunny, and windy, and cold....ugh. I don't want it to be winter yet! My horsie is already fuzzy, what does that tell you?! I feel like with all the wedding and planning and stuff I missed summer somewhere in there and I am really really not ready for it to be cold. I don't wanna wear sweaters and coats all day! The worst so far is the light change. We are losing light so fast now, it's dark here by 8pm and it makes me so tired. And it's not very light in the morning when I get up, that really makes me want to stay in can't be time to get up yet, it's still dark outside.....Seasonal Affective Disorder anyone?
I finally got my new job title at work, only took six months.....yay me...I think
George starts school on Monday, and he's been busy with Army for the last two weeks so he's kinda wiped out too.
We still have a big pile of boxes and stuff (wedding presents) and we don't have anywhere to put the new things. So they are in a pile behind our sofa. The cats love it, so much fun to climb on.
I spent most of the afternoon canning pears with my mom. We're going to do more salsa tomorrow. Maybe I'll take a picture of the pantry....It's full of jars, greenbeans, peaches, pears, salsa, tomatoes......
And no, we still don't have pictures back yet, and yes we will post them when we do get them back!

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