Sunday, September 2, 2007

Okay, I guess you've all waited long enough

Yes, it's true, we're back! We took an extra few days and went to the coast. So, we started in portland, went to seattle, went to orcas island in the san juans, went to victoria bc, down through gig harbor, then home. We did TONS of paperwork tues and wed, then we went to lincoln city thursday and came home today! Whew! Ready for some pictures? I hope everything posts in the correct order!

Okay, here are some pics from Sunday morning, beauty hurts!

This is the closest one I have to an actual wedding picture, haven't gotten the photographers pics back yet.

View from our room in Portland -Sunday

View from our room in Seattle -Monday and Tuesday

Ferry ride to Orcas Island

View from our room at Orcas Island -wed and thurs

Top of Mt Constitution

Cool pic of our rings while at mt constitution

We went on a little hike while at orcas island, pretty view, and we were getting better at taking pictures of ourselves, not bad huh?

View from our good room in Canada.....interesting story, maybe later... -should have been friday, but was saturday

There are tons of cool pics from the gardens, I'll see about getting more of those up

No pic from the room at gig harbor, it was really just a stopping place so we didn't have to drive so far in one day- Sunday
We were home Monday afternoon, did paperwork for name change/banks etc on tues and wed

And a view from our room in lincoln city :)
Nice weather, no wind!
Thursday-Sunday, and now we're home
And I don't wanna go back to work!!!!!


Nana said...

YEAH! you're home, you're healthy, you're happy and now your life together will be perfect ;) I love you both - Congratulations and God Bless.

Olivia said...

I LOVE YOU GUYS!!! I love looking at those pictures. You're married!! It makes me cry tears of joy for you both. You deserve this...both of much! Congratulations.

Emily Marie said...

Hurray! It looks like you guys had a good time. Happy days for you and see you soon, thanks for a wonderful time while we were out there!!