Sunday, December 9, 2007

Ft Vancouver

George had Army this weekend and they had the Christmas tree lighting at the fort. Jamie and I went and even sang some songs, wow huh? It was really really cold! There was a decent turn out, mostly army families and parents of the high school choir kids. The tree was decorated much nicer than in past years. We met up with Livvy, Tim, and the boys afterwards. I was waiting for Livvy to post some pictures....hinthint...but I guess she's busy today :) We had some cookies and apple cider, chatted for a while, then got really cold and went home!

On Friday we had movie night. Jamie and Galen came over and we watched the Pirates of the Caribbean, yes, all three movies! We were up until 1am something. It was fun, but I don't think I would want to watch that many in a row again.


Jamie said...

Nuuu... no more 3 in a row nights thank you! I thought we were gonna watch #2 and #3, since you guys saw #1 already!

Emily Marie said...

sounds like fun! too long movies though maybe!