Sunday, December 2, 2007

What you wanted snow?

We (George) drove to Burns, OR on Friday for my Aunt's funeral. It took us about six hours to get there. There was a little snow on the road going over Mt Hood, but not too bad. Jamie and Galen (sis and b-inlaw) road with us. We entertained each other, slept etc so the time passed quickly. It was very cold in Burns, like super brrr. The service was grave side Saturday morning, it was very sad. Afterwards we met with some family at a restaurant, had a bite to eat and got back on the road. It took a little longer to get home, there was more snow in the passes, but not bad traveling with the snow tires.
Tonight we are having lots of comfort food. Green chili chicken enchiladas, cookies, and pumpkin pie with whip cream, is good...
We also got new cell phones today. George's phone broke a few days ago and we were overdue for the two year upgrade. It was a good deal, buy one get one free w/mail in rebate. So in 6-8 weeks we'll get the rebate and then I can say we have two new free phones.

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Emily Marie said...

SNOW, I am so jealous but NOT jealous you had to travel in it. That isn't fun.(glad you made it back and forth safely)
The food sounded soooo good, I am going to have to ask mom to make that for me when she gets here! ;)