Saturday, November 8, 2008

Baby Shower :)

I was trying to think of something interesting for my 200th post....This was just too easy! :)
It's late now so I'll try to add some captions tomorrow, and maybe some more pictures, my computer is reeeeeaaaalllllyyyyy slow at uploading pics


Jamie and Galen Fish said...

Yay pictures!

NanaOgden :) said...

It was a great shower! So many nice people, your games were fun (REALLY!) and the food (ie. muffins ;) were so yummy :) I'm so glad that I could come and celebrate with you and your sister on her upcoming new baby (in December, right?) Oh and BTW -- that picture of me with Livvy is actually GOOD! proof that I don't always break camera lenses - hehe! =-) Thanks!

Emily Marie said...

Looks fun! Hurray for baby stuff!