Thursday, November 20, 2008

Today's adventure in cooking

This was fun, I've never made it before :) I'll let you guess what it is

The directions said 'drop by spoonful' HA!
I decided this would be easier

I'm not sure why this is loading sideways... But I cut it into pieces after it cooled

Yummy! It's like white fudge/marshmallowie goodness
AKA Divinity
And no, I didn't add any icky yicky gross nuts of any kind! So there!


Emily Marie said...

ooh I have wanted divinity for a while! jealous!

Jamie and Galen Fish said...

Oooo... I bet you got Dad's attention with that one!

Creative Outlet Nursery & Farm LLC said...

Daddy points!

NanaOgden :) said...

hehe - must be 'daddy's" favorite - hehe