Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Yay 12 weeks :)

So I'm feeling pretty good. Not as tired as I was in the last few weeks, but now I'm having some dizziness. So I looked it up online and guess what? Here's what it says for 12 weeks:

Don't look now (though — considering the symptom — maybe you should), there's a new one added to the mix: dizziness. And guess who's to blame? Yup — it's your old friend progesterone again, which causes your blood vessels to relax and widen around 12 weeks pregnant, increasing the flow of blood to your baby (again, good for baby), but slowing the return of blood to you (as always, not so good for mom). Less blood flow to you means lower blood pressure and reduced blood flow to your brain. All of these can contribute to that light-headed, dizzy feeling

I guess it's good that I'm right on schedule? So no bump yet, still get to wear my usual pants. Still losing about 1.5lbs a week, thought this was supposed to be a weight gaining program?? I'm sure it'll start going the other way soon enough!
It's been nice and sunny here the last few days, and is supposed to be for a while. So guess what that means? Yup yard work! I started trimming roses yesterday, darn things think it's time to start growing already. Goals are to finish the roses, trim fruit trees, and maybe transplant some strawberries. Mom has most of her seeds here now, two shoe boxes full! So we will be starting some of those in the greenhouse pretty soon. Ahh makes it seem like spring is almost here!


Olivia said...

Oh goodness. You are so productive. I wish I was! :) Can I borrow some of that?

Jamie and Galen Fish said...

Where's my txt msg?! Yay 12 weeks :)

Nanny-Laurie :) said...

Oh yeah - baby :) you put us all to shame with your energy and resourcefulness :0 good girl!