Tuesday, April 7, 2009

21 weeks! :)

WooHoo! Still feeling good, and I actually gained a pound this last week! Might have something to do with the appetite I’ve found recently. Noteworthy example: Sunday we went out to breakfast for my Mom’s birthday. I had a scrambled egg, two pieces of bacon and a strawberry crepe. Granted it was probably the smallest plate of food since everyone else had omelets and hashbrowns etc, and I was the first one to get my order…BUT- I finished eating first!! Wow. That has never happened. Thanks baby! I have always been a slow eater, painfully slow as a child, but hey I was hungry!

I would also like to take a moment to thank my jeans for their years of service, and bid farewell until we meet again (hopefully this fall). I finally decided they were too snug on the belly, I’m sure baby thought so too. So I gave in and bought two more pairs of stretchy belly pants. Now my belly is happy, and getting round. I also have a few new shirts, but I’m still trying to wear my old ones as much as possible, it’s not working so well. Sigh.

The best for last! Baby is usually pretty active when I first lay down at night. This is when I get the most kicks, well, most that I feel. Two nights ago George went to bed before me, and guess what? She decided it was time to go bonkers. He was snoring and dead to the world which was too bad because I have never felt her kick/move so much! She went on for probably 10mins too. I was hoping she would do it again last night, but being as she is a child and it is her job to prove me wrong, she didn’t move much at all. Except for the two good kicks that her Daddy felt!!!!!! YAY!


Jamie and Galen Fish said...

YAY!! It's so exciting when daddy gets to feel those kicks for the first time :)

ogdengl said...

Yes...yes it was exciting. Very exciting in fact. =)

Nanny-Laurie :) said...

hehe! daddy felt his baby girly :) so exciting! And preggy pants - they've come up with so many cute things now-a-days - and they're actually comfortable, too -- lucky girl :)

Olivia said...

Wow! I am so amazed and excited and yes a teeny bit envious! ;)