Monday, April 13, 2009

Hey, it hasn't been a week yet...

So we had a fun Easter over here. Lots of family came over for Easter brunch, although it was at 9am so does that make it breakfast? We had yummy foood, creamy cheese blintzes with fruit toppings, eggs with sausage, hashbrowns, bacon, pineapple and fresh strawberries. It was great! Then everyone left and we all went into a food coma. I forgot to take pictures which I'm kinda bummed about.

In other news, last week I did a bunch of yard stuff. I planted more strawberries, trimed more roses (and I'm still not done!) and I was so sore the next day it was horrible! I'm sure it was a combination of out of shape, loose joints and extra stretchy ligaments/tendons (thanks pregnancy...) Boy did my legs hurt! And for several days. It was that great feeling of -I need to lower myself with my arms to a sitting position and wince as the pressure increased on my legs... Yeah, it was that good. For several days. I'm in for it again really soon. The weather here is finally starting to improve, what does that mean? Yup, more yard/garden work. My flower beds are all ready to be planted. I need to start dividing my dahlia tubers soon, and then the mosterous task of planting them. Several hundred of them. Ouch.

Exciting farm updates, the 'shares' for this season are almost sold out which is great! Also, my Dad and brother have been working on building two hoop houses this last week. Saturday George and I helped get the plastic up on the second one, now they are ready to go! Dad is out there tilling the first one right now. Since they are hoop houses there are no tables or shelves, you plant directly in the ground. They are covered, so they are warmer then just being outside and offer protection from the weather which allows Mom to get plants started earlier and continue later in the season then would be possible otherwise. He is a pic of them getting the plastic on the first one. You can also see the planting beds and all the green weeds growing in the paths!

In baby news. She is getting stronger! I am frequently surprised by a strong kick or some weird rolling turning thing she is doing. Usually she will wiggle when I first get in bed. George has claimed this time for getting to feel her move, it's cute. Last night she didn't do much so he started jiggling my belly to try and get her to do something, not so much fun! Usually we can mush around the belly and figure out where she is laying, that's kinda cool :) Tomorrow morning is my next ultrasound and consult with the perinatologist to be sure she is growing enough. Since I can feel how much more active she has become in the last two weeks, I'm sure she is just fine. And hey, if she wants to be 6-7lbs at birth instead of 8-9 I'm okay with that! In regards to her name, yes we picked one. We're not quite ready to tell yet, but soon.


Nanny-Laurie :) said...

manda, em and liv were all 6-pounders, sarah was 7 and your georgie was 8 -- all easy! don't worry :) can't wait to hear the little girly's name

Jamie said...

*whine whimper* Naaamee? Pwease?