Tuesday, May 12, 2009

26 weeks!

Yaaay! less than 100 days to go! I have to start with thank yous for all the 'soon to be' mothers day wishes. We had a fun day here. I spent the morning playing with my horsie, and a couple hours planting more dahlias. George was very sweet and helped put together a nummy dinner. He even went grocery shopping by himself for a few dinner items! It was a really great day :)

Little miss Norah is doing very well. I'm starting to feel like the belly is getting in the way now. It was a little difficult to get down on the ground to plant things this weekend. I did a little too much on Saturday and started getting some fake contractions that night, not painful just annoying. So now I'm trying to be a little more careful about planning my days so I don't over do it again. She's had hiccups a couple of times now, feels funny :) And she's getting some good kicks in. I'm gaining about a pound a week now, at this rate I might make it to 15-20lbs by the time she gets here. Oh and ha! Funny story from last night. I was on my way home from babysitting Kaylee and decided I really needed some fruit, so I stopped at the store. I was pondering strawberries when a little asian lady dropped an apple and it rolled right over to me. She came over to get and and said
'ohhhh you have boy yes?'
'Umm no actually it's a girl'
'Oh I have four boy, always very round with boy, have one girl, was very flat with girl'
'oh okay' smile?
'my boys very big boys now, big 175lb boys, eat lots of meat, my girl small, I get strawberries for her, she eat fruit'
smile? nod? walk away......
I guess I'm round now?
I'll add a picture later today, since you really don't want to see me in my pj's!
**Okay here's a pic, no comments on my chubby looking face, it's late and I didn't feel like taking pics until I got a super good one....Focus on the belly people!


Emily Marie said...

Of course we want to see your jammies! :) hehehe, yes happy mother's day. I was out of town and didn't bother saying that to anyone! SHAME! Anyway, that is a GREAT weight gain or NOT weight gain.
Be careful, it doesn't feel very good when you over do it! Good luck!

Olivia said...

HAHAHAHA!!!! What a great story! Love it!

Jamie said...

I'm sorry Kaylee was such a fusspot for you! You should come over sometime this week and I'll make you dinner :)

Nanny-Laurie :) said...

cute story! and the Mother's Day dinner was 'OH so yummy" thanks to your AND Georgie!

Jenn said...

You look amazing. I am so happy for you and George. And just wait until you have people rubbing your belly in the grocery store line... Something to look forward to :)

Mina said...

What a nice belly!!!!