Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cutie baby

Had my OB appt today. Ultrasound was first and everything looked good. I also had to do the glucose test, the drink wasn't too bad, like flat 7-up. I'll get the results from the blood work at my next appt unless there's something wrong. During the actual OB appt doc said Norah is in the 39th percentile and measuring about a week behind. Basically everything looks good, we're just making a tiny baby! Not sure if I'll have to do another ultrasound yet. My doc thinks not but the specialist gets to decide so we'll know some time next week.


Lower legs, crossed at the ankles :)


Emily Marie said...

She is cute!! It is ok to have a small baby!! :)

Jamie said...

Such a cutie indeed! Just think, you'll get more use out of those newborn size clothes then most people :)

Olivia said...

wow how adorable!