Tuesday, May 5, 2009

He's 10 already?

My horse Crown turned 10 years old yesterday! Wow. I remember sitting in class my sophomore year just after we brought him home thinking 'I'm 16 so when he's 10 I'll be 26!? so old....'

He is such a sweetheart. I had a hard time taking pictures since he just wanted to follow me and 'play' not stand around for a photo shoot! He's still a little shaggy from winter, but the shedding is well under way! I have to lint roll my car seats or I get white hairs on everything!

He loves to play with these barrels. He knocks them over and paws at them with his front hooves constantly when we play in the barn.

He's a little skinny this spring, we think from his bad habit of cribbing (bitting the wood and sucking in air) also, he's a slow eater and if left loose with the other horses he gets chased off his food before he's done. Now he gets locked in a stall to eat in peace. We're also trying some new tricks to stop his cribbing so he'll have teeth left when he's 20.


Emily Marie said...

Oh wow, what a cutie as a baby!! Also handsome now! Happy Birthday!!! Looking good!

Olivia said...

What a silly, pretty baby! Happy Birthday!!

Nanny-Laurie :) said...

Happy Birthday, Horsey!