Thursday, December 11, 2008

Day three......Come out Baby!!!!

Well folks, she only made it to a 4 after three days. Baby was starting so show some distress after the contractions so they decided it had been long enough. They just took her back for a c-section. It'll take about three hours before we get to see Jamie and baby.


So things are starting to progress, contractions are getting stronger and the doc is going to break her water when she is dilated enough. Doc wants baby out today one way or another! I think Mom took the laptop with her to the hospital, so I'll see about uploading some pics later today.


Yeah still no baby. They switched the meds overnight so she could eat but are planning to put her back on the pitocine this morning after her doc is there. Today 12/11 is the day she was scheduled to be induced anyway, so maybe Kaylee will decide to join us now. Jamie was able to get some sleep last night and is in good spirits today. Today Will be THE DAY...we hope....fingers crossed right?


Olivia said...

poor thing....COME OUT BABY!! :)

Emily Marie said...

Good luck! Poor thing is right!

Nanny :) said...

hang in there! push hard and out she'll pop! then bless-ed sleep ;)