Saturday, December 20, 2008

Snowed in with no internet!!!!

Oh internet how I have missed thee......It's been out since mid morning yesterday and we have all been a little stir crazy stuck in the house. One can only read for so long before you want to check the weather/email/blogs/anything interesting..... So yay! It's back! Now we just hope not to lose power with the storm. Icy is supposed to start tonight/tomorrow and be about 1/2 inch over the 8 or so inches of snow we have! Ick!
George and I went for a walk this afternoon and played in the snow for a while. Yesterday the snow was nice and wet, good packing snow for the snowman etc. Today it was really dry and powdery, good for flinging at each other but that's about it. The dogs think its great, with their heavy winter coats they think the temp is just fine! We're at, let me go see......about 22* right now brrrrrr!! It's supposed to snow all night too so we might get a foot before this is over :) I loaded some more pictures into my picasa album and will add more of the icy tomorrow.
Oh and I put up some pretty window decorations, I'll get some pictures of that too. Hope everyone else is staying warm! We'll play in the snow for you all again tomorrow.

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Nanny :) said...

Wow! I'm sorry to hear that you had to suffer with no internet...that actually would DRIVE ME CRAZY and isn't the snow grand :) it's about 630am as I write this (you're still sleeping i'm sure) and the 5-6 inches we have has crusted over to a beautiful shine. That means at some point it warmed up just a little and then re-froze -- no driving for us today, anyway :) Being 'down the hill' from you guys makes such a difference, doesn't it?? weird...