Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Tree lighting at the Fort

**Tree lighting will be at 4:30!

So this Saturday is the tree lighting ceremony at Ft Vancouver for anyone interested. It's usually a smallish crowd just a couple hundred, which is much better than going downtown and getting mashed in with a few thousand!
Things start at 6pm, the band plays, there's songs, they light the tree, have cookies/cocoa, and offer tour of the main building. Good times so everyone should come!

***Okay now I'm not totally sure what time it starts. George told me 6pm but the info online says 4:30pm...I guess I will know for sure when it gets a little closer :)

Vancouver Barrack's Holiday Tree Lighting
Ft. Vancouver Parade Ground
(Ft. Vancouver Way & Evergreen Blvd.)
4:30 p.m.

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NanaOgden :) said...

oooh - I want to come!! tell me tell me what time! :)