Thursday, September 3, 2009

awhoooooooo deep breaths

I'm assuming it's the HepB shot she had yesterday. She slept a lot last night, waking up to eat then falling back asleep fairly easily. I guess it's all that sleep that prepared me for today. When she didn't sleep. She cried a lot, she ate a lot, she did not sleep a lot. She would fussy and cry for half an hour, sleep for 5-20mins, fussy and cry for another hour, eat, sleep for 10 mins, etc. George was at work from about 10:30-5. He has been so great this evening, holding her so I could sleep for a while. I should clarify, he's always great with her no matter what, which I am so greatful for. I'm sure she's exhausted too, here's hoping she will sleep for a few hours tonight.


nAnnie-Laurie :-) said...

poor baby ;-( poor mommy -- here's to a better day today

Sidney said...

Have a new kitten! le Mieux (Ed likes to call her Little Cat Big Stink) is doing well, unlike Pinta (the older cat who either expresses her love by hissing/growling/snarling or prefers only-catdom). Hope all is well!