Saturday, September 19, 2009

One Month

Norah is one month old today! She wasn't very excited for our photo shoot, so I'll have to get some better pics later today. Lately she's been sleeping better at night, usually a four hour stretch then up for an hour or more and then sleeping for another two or three hours. We found that bathtime before bed seems to help her sleep for the four hours. I want to weigh her today, but I'll have to wait for George to get back from army. She eats a ton so I'm thinking she's over eight pounds by now. She is still in all her newborn size clothes! I tried to put one of the cloth diapers on her and it was huge! More than halfway up her middle and gaps around her legs. So we had to buy more disposable, again, still in newborn size.
She still has her hair! I'm so happy we've made it this far and I can't see any hair loss, hopefully it will just keep growing so we don't have any weird baldness issues.
We have started working on tummy time, not her favorite thing but she does pretty well. Her hands get a little distracting though....Oh and she learned a trick, I'll try and load a video, she can roll over from her tummy to back. What? At this age? Yup, she's done it several times.
I bought a wrap, finally! We kept talking about getting one and I was out near the store that sells them, so here it is! Norah LOVES it :) Both George and I have worn it and so far she falls asleep very quickly every time. Despite the unflattering chin in this pic I have actually lost all the pregnancy weight and a few extra pounds, yay me. It's nice to be able to wear normal clothes again.
I'm going to try and get some family pictures when George gets home from drill :) Yay family!


Olivia said...

Wow what an unexpected milestone. I just can't say enough how absolutly and incredibly precious she is! What a dolly. The sling looks fantastic! WOW! Love you guys!

Emily Marie said...

That is so cute! Yeah for one month! Miriam had lost a lot of her top head hair at this moment. That is great that her hair is still there! :) You look great!

nAnnie-Laurie :-) said...

YEAH on the weight loss!! I'm very impressed - way to go mommy! Norah sure likes her hands :-) the sling looks so comfortable, too...wish I'd know about those things when my babies were little - I'm sure they existed, tho' I wouldn't have known where to look anyway ;-) - we've got some stuff here for you guys - the bigger car seat and gifts from sarah and evoly...come on over...friday night??

Duane And Nancy said...

You guys look great!! Can't wait to see her in person, maybe before the holidays?