Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Two weeks

Okay, this should be a nice detailed post about all Norah's accomplishments over the last two weeks, but, we're tired, oh so tired. She nursed much more frequently last night so I let her sleep on me in between feedings. Okay, no one freak out about that okay? She was perfectly safe. I'd describe how I arranged us both so neither of us would move, but again, tired, you'll just have to trust me :) She slept great. I didn't. She's a noisey, wiggley sleeper, and I'm a very light sleeper. But hey, the things we will do right? The bad crack is already starting to heal noticably so hopefully by Thursday we will be operational again.
She had her two week check up today. She's perfect! No really, the doctor said so! And a little advanced :) Her fine motor skills with her hands are about at a two month level. She's gained one ounce over her birth weight, now at 7lbs 9.5oz, go go mommy juice! She was at 6lbs 14oz when we left the hospital. She did have to have the PKU test again, where they stick the heal and get several samples. I guess that's normal, but it was so sad! She turned purple crying so hard, poor baby. She also got a HepB shot, again purple baby. I nursed her through both ouchies but she was pretty upset. I had to get a tetanus shot, yeouchers, that was not fun. Made me nausous and light headed for a while, gross icky feeling. Overall we are doing well, tired, but getting by. George goes back to work tomorrow, so that will be a new adventure!
I'll try and get a few pictures of her later this evening.


Olivia said...

Busy mommy. I used to sleep with the boys all the time. No complaints from me. It was great! Good luck tomorrow. Love ya.

nAnnie-Laurie :-) said...

ooo sleeping with baby -- ahhh! :-)

Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

Welcome to Baby World, where babies scream, nurses poke & mommies are exhausted beyond belief.
Miraculous isn't it?