Tuesday, July 7, 2009

34 weeks. Yikes that's 8.5 months!

Things I've learned about pregnancy so far:
If you lay down you will fall asleep, prepare to wake up two hours later.
Eat as many cherries as you want, it can only help.....
The baby will move the most when no one else is around
-baby will move the least or not at all when you actually want them too
It's okay to eat three ice cream sandwiches in an hour, and then a piece of pie, and then.... :)
Padded bras are a good idea
Your brain is like swiss cheese, you must learn to write things down or you will forget.....like the rest of the stuff I was going to add to this list.
Oh but lastly what I learned today. Don't dive after a barfing cat when 8.5 month pregnant. Your body no longer moves like it should, and the carpet will clean.


Nanny-Laurie :) said...

Oh dear! I hope you're okay -- you didn't get hurt did you -- naughty kitty - barf outside! Oh wait, they don't go outside -- barf in the bathroom, please, nice kitty...and I LOVE your list - very thorough and thoughtful - and that takes brains, girl, brains :-)

Emily Marie said...

LOL and dito! :) eat away I always say! :)

Jamie said...

Ugh, barfing cats are my bane more then barfing baby! And padded bras already? hehe!