Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!

Yesterday was my Dad's birthday. He's 60! He DID NOT want a party, but we were allowed to make him dinner....Of course, he was setting tile downstairs until 9pm, so it was a late dinner :) It was a manly meal of meatloaf, fried potatoes and corn on the cob. Followed with strawberry rhubarb pie. I'd never made the pie before but it turned out pretty good!

My dad is the youngest 60 year old I know. He's in great shape and can out work most guys half his age. He's usually up and working by 4:30-5am and goes until 8-10pm. What an amazing guy! Most recently he's been putting in those hours finishing the basement so George and I will have a little more room when Norah gets here. It looks soooooo good down there, I'll get pics of it soon when he's done laying the tile.
He really didn't want me to take his pic, so he gave me the crazy person smile.....great way to document 60 years...Gotta love him!

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Nanny-Laurie :) said...

Happy Birthday, Lloyd :-)