Thursday, July 30, 2009


I started sorting Norah's clothes, blankets, etc for washing. It took a while to get all the packaging and tags off. Not in the picture are the hand made blankets, some new ones and several my mom had made and used with my sister and me. Oh, and the cloth diapers, another good sized pile! Now if it would just cool down a little I might actually wash everything, but I don't want to run the dryer and we don't have anywhere to hang things outside!


Logan and Jack's Mommy said...

That brings back memories. It was so fun to wash it the first time. Cute & new. Now it's old news & I keep hoping the laundry fairy will move in! Ha!

Jamie said...

That was my most favorite thing getting ready for Kaylee. Pulling all those little clothes out of the dryer and going "Look how small they are honey!"

Olivia said...

OH so fun... I too remember how fun that was. :) Happy washing.